Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

Kindergarten ( Ages 5-6 )

Join our Kindergarten class at Keystone International School in Istanbul, designed for energetic 5 to 6-year-olds. With two dedicated teachers per classroom, children receive personalized attention to foster curiosity and imagination.

Our immersive English program, led by native speakers, helps children master the language while embracing cultural diversity. Subjects include physical education, music, drama, and French, ensuring holistic development.

As a Canadian offshore school, we uphold high educational standards, preparing children for the future. Keystone International School nurtures creativity, empathy, and resilience, offering a vibrant learning journey where every day is an adventure.

Early Years ( Ages 3-5 )

Discover Keystone International School’s Early Years program for children aged 3 to 5.

Our nurturing environment, with two accredited teachers per classroom, fosters creativity and critical thinking through a holistic approach to education.

Led by native English speakers, our immersive curriculum embraces cultural diversity, encouraging confident communication and global citizenship.

Our program includes physical education, music, drama, and introduces French as a second language for children aged 4 and up. We also offer early STEM to ignite problem-solving and innovation.

As an accredited Canadian offshore school, we uphold rigorous standards for global readiness.

Join us at Keystone International School, where curiosity blooms, friendships thrive, and learning knows no bounds.