University Counselling

University / College Counseling at Keystone International Schools

College research, preparations, and applications can be a puzzling and stressful process for our students and families alike. Here at Keystone International Schools, the college counseling department aims to provide exceptional college and career counseling services to empower students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

**Personalized Counseling Services**

Our counseling services include individual counseling, group workshops, and parent engagement. Students have access to personalized counseling sessions with our college counselor, and grade-specific group workshops are tailored to address students’ needs at different stages of their academic journey.

**Comprehensive Support**

Starting as young as grade 9, we ensure that all students receive personalized guidance and support to explore and identify their academic strengths, interests, and career aspirations. From grade 9 to grade 12, our counselor educates, advises, and mentors students on the overall international college application process.

**Guidance Through Every Step**

Our counselor supports students in their college preparation period, informs them about admission requirements, and monitors their application process. We provide guidance on resume building, academic course planning, and standardized testing preparation, including SAT, ACT, AP, TIL-TOLC, IELTS/TOEFL, and other relevant examinations.

**Extensive Resources**

We maintain an up-to-date collection of resources related to colleges, universities, vocational programs, internships, and careers to assist students in their exploration and decision-making process.

**Parent and Faculty Involvement**

We believe in parent and faculty involvement, cooperation, and support in the counseling process. We conduct information sessions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings with families to ensure students receive the support they need for a stress-free application period.

**Confidentiality and Assessment**

All counseling sessions and personal information shared by students are treated with strict confidentiality. The effectiveness of our counseling program is assessed periodically through surveys, feedback from students and parents, and tracking student outcomes.

We are excited to meet our brilliant and ambitious students to plan for their future success!