Talent and Development

The Talent Development Program at Keystone International School involves identifying students’ specific strengths in athletics and music. Our program enhances the Prince Edward Island curriculum by concentrating on refining skills and expanding students’ knowledge in the respective fields. To motivate our students, we enroll them in competitions and coordinate their participation in local events. Our physical education and music teachers tailor the program to meet every student’s particular needs. Through these personalized efforts, we aim to empower our students to reach their full potential and become well-rounded individuals with a passion for excellence in athletics and music.

Physical Education

The Physical Education lessons at Keystone International School aim to hone our students’ fitness, locomotor and manipulative skills, movement, and understanding healthy social relationships.

As part of our Talent Development Program, we pay particular attention to students being able to sustain participation in vigorous locomotor activities and their inclination towards demonstrating strategies for playing a variety of games that require leadership and thinking. The instructors evaluate students using specific criteria to pinpoint strengths so they can devise a customized plan to develop each student’s particular talents.


The Music lessons at Keystone International School primarily focus on developing student’s ability to make intellectual judgments based on their analysis of music and their capabilities in composing, interpreting, and improvising.

These lessons are part of our Talent Development Program, which aims to highlight a student’s talent for identifying tones, echoing melodic phrases, and demonstrating knowledge of instrument pitch tendencies.

Our program is not solely concerned with performing but rather with developing an appreciation for musical concepts and harmonization.

In School Clubs

Keystone’s emphasis on school clubs during and after school is a commendable initiative to promote effective communication, cooperation, and other vital life skills.

These clubs provide a platform for students to engage in group activities, fostering social development and enriching their learning experience.

We offer different types of in-school clubs for students with different interests, such as drama, sculpture, arts and crafts, jmun, chess, mind games, round square, entrepreneurship, etc…

After School Clubs

Providing afterschool clubs, such as swimming and football, not only contributes to physical health but also creates a safe and supportive environment for students.

This aligns with the understanding that extracurricular activities are crucial to a child’s development.

While after-school clubs direct our students to areas of interest, They also aim to support real-life skills, such as teaching swimming to our students who can not swim and directing our students who want to improve their football skills to the proper training sessions.

Talent Show