School Culture

Fostering a Dynamic School Culture

At Keystone International School, we prioritize creating a dynamic and inclusive school culture where diversity is celebrated, and students feel valued and supported. Our core values of respect, integrity, and empathy guide everything we do, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to thrive.

School Spirit and Event Calendar

  • September: Crazy Hair Day
    Kick off the school year with a burst of creativity! Students can show off their wackiest hairstyles, from colorful braids to funky spikes, to celebrate Crazy Hair Day.
  • October: Halloween
    Prepare for a spooktacular day filled with costumes, candy, and fun! Students can dress as their favorite characters, monsters, or superheroes to celebrate Halloween.
  • November: Pajama Day
    Stay cozy and comfortable in your PJs! Students can wear their favorite sleepwear to school for a relaxed and enjoyable day of learning.
  • December: Winter Fest
    Embrace the holiday spirit with Winter Fest! Enjoy festive decorations, seasonal activities, and perhaps even a visit from Santa Claus himself.
  • January: International Food Day
    Explore diverse cuisines from around the world! Students can bring in dishes representing different cultures to share and enjoy together.
  • February: Love Day
    Spread love and positivity on Love Day, where students can celebrate friendship, kindness, and compassion. Additionally, International Dress-Up Day allows students to showcase traditional attire from various countries, promoting cultural appreciation and understanding.
  • March: World Francophone Day
    Celebrate the French language and Francophone culture with special activities, performances, and educational initiatives.
  • April: KIS Olympics
    Uniting Students in Sport and Spirit
  • May: Summer Fest
    Get ready for some outdoor fun! Summer Fest is a day filled with games, music, and sunshine, while the KIS Olympics bring friendly competition and teamwork to the forefront.
  • June: Graduation Day
    It is a momentous occasion to honor the achievements of our graduating students. Graduation Day is a time to reflect on accomplishments, celebrate successes, and embark on new adventures.

With these exciting events, we aim to foster school spirit, promote cultural appreciation, and create memorable experiences for our students throughout the year!