School Culture

Celebrating Unity and Enthusiasm: Keystone Spirit Days

School Spirit and Event Calendar

  • September: Crazy Hair Day
    Kick off the school year with a burst of creativity! Students can show off their wackiest hairstyles, from colorful braids to funky spikes, to celebrate Crazy Hair Day.
  • October: Halloween
    Prepare for a spooktacular day filled with costumes, candy, and fun! Students can dress as their favorite characters, monsters, or superheroes to celebrate Halloween.
  • November: Pajama Day
    Stay cozy and comfortable in your PJs! Students can wear their favorite sleepwear to school for a relaxed and enjoyable day of learning.
  • December: Winter Fest
    Embrace the holiday spirit with Winter Fest! Enjoy festive decorations, seasonal activities, and perhaps even a visit from Santa Claus himself.
  • January: International Food Day
    Explore diverse cuisines from around the world! Students can bring in dishes representing different cultures to share and enjoy together.
  • February: Love Day
    Spread love and positivity on Love Day, where students can celebrate friendship, kindness, and compassion. Additionally, International Dress-Up Day allows students to showcase traditional attire from various countries, promoting cultural appreciation and understanding.

  • March: World Francophone Day
    Celebrate the French language and Francophone culture with special activities, performances, and educational initiatives.
  • April: World Day for Cultural Diversity
    1. Support sustainable cultural governance.
    2. Balance the flow of cultural goods/services.
    3. Integrate culture into sustainable development.
    4. Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • May: Summer Fest – KIS Olympics
    Get ready for some outdoor fun! Summer Fest is a day filled with games, music, and sunshine, while the KIS Olympics bring friendly competition and teamwork to the forefront.
  • June: Graduation Day
    It is a momentous occasion to honor the achievements of our graduating students. Graduation Day is a time to reflect on accomplishments, celebrate successes, and embark on new adventures.