School Bus

We want to stress how strict our school bus policy is and how much we care about our kids’ safety. A safe atmosphere is created when parents work together to follow these rules.
  1. Arriving on time Parents should make sure their kids are at the bus stops five minutes before the pick-up time. The most important thing about school buses is getting kids back to school and home as quickly as possible.

  2. Seat Belts: While on the bus, all kids must always wear seat belts.

  3. Expectations for Behavior: The bus should have a respectful and quiet environment so that the driver can focus and all passengers are safe. Without headphones, the students can’t listen to music or any other digital media. The students are not allowed to bring food or drinks on the bus. Students are not allowed to stand up at all while they are on a trip.

  4. Loading and Unloading: When students are loading and unloading, they should do what the driver says. They need to clear the aisles and leave quickly. The kid who lives on the compound is picked up and dropped off by the school bus at the security gate.

  5. Emergency Procedures: We make sure that our students are always aware of how to evacuate in case of an emergency and do drills regularly.

  6. Authorized Pick-up: Students can only be picked up from the bus stop by people on the cleared pick-up list.

  7. Communication: If parents need to change their pick-up or drop-off times, they need to let the school know right away.

  8. Items Not Allowed: Students are not allowed to bring dangerous items, guns, gum, expensive items, or inappropriate items on the bus.

  9. Driver Authority: Students must quickly and politely follow the driver’s directions. Students can’t use bad words at school or on the bus in any way.

  10. Reporting Problems: If parents are worried about the safety of the bus, they should tell the school management right away. Following these rules will protect all kids’ safety and well-being while they ride the bus.