Meals at KIS

The kids in kindergarten at our school get food and snacks in the morning and afternoon. Other students are being asked to bring home healthy snacks. For the sake of families’ convenience, we tell students what snacks they should bring from home every month based on the season. Kids in kindergarten, primary, and middle school eat lunch at school, but high school students have options they can bring their lunch eat school food, or take something healthy from the school cafeteria.

Everything that our school serves is made in our school kitchen, which is clean and made with healthy foods in mind.

Help people learn: To support schools’ main goal of education, serving healthy meals is particularly helpful for improving students’ ability to concentrate, focus, and think critically. There is a lot of evidence that a better school diet leads to better focus and attention, higher test scores, and better behavior in the classroom.

Support healthy habits and clear messages: providing healthy food at school helps kids learn how to eat well for life. It also helps create a healthy school atmosphere and reinforces what teachers say about nutrition. Having healthy food at school can also help kids feel more attached to their school and show kids, families, and the community that the health and well-being of their students are important.