April 6 – 20Unforgettable 2 weeks filled with fun activities and culturalexperiences!Left to right: Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal,Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa ITINERARY4 days (3 nights) in Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa – stay in Hotels(shared accommodation)11 days in Toronto – stay withCanadian Families (sharedaccommodation)A day trip to Niagara FallsJoin morning classes at the beautifulKeystone St…

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Math Village

Math Village – 20 22 April The Nesin Mathematics Village (NMK), also known as “the Village,” comprises three intertwined villages: Mathematics, Art, and Philosophy. It’s a non-profit center where young people study mathematics, art, philosophy, and related fields in a supportive, safe, and beautiful environment. Participants contribute to daily tasks and collectively own the village.…

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PEI – Canadian Offshore School Inspection Week

EI-certified offshore schools outside Canada offer the PEI curriculum authorized by the Province of Prince Edward Island. The Ministry of Education oversees these schools, ensuring they meet PEI standards.Schedule – Meetings *KIS Leadership Team *School Founder *Academic Team *Guidance Team – School Tour – Class…

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