Keystone International Trip
The Traditional French Trip

Ketstone School The Traditional French Trip The Unforgettable French Immersion Trip: A Tradition at Our School As our middle school students embark on their annual French immersion trip to Antibes, France, from May 19-25, 2024, it’s a perfect moment to celebrate this cherished tradition. This trip is more than just a getaway—it’s a cornerstone of…

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Keystone School Canada Trip
The Traditional Canada Trip

Canada Spring Camp The KIS students just wrapped up their incredible two-week trip to Canada on April 6-20, 2024. It was truly a transformative journey. They didn’t just return to Istanbul; they came back as changed individuals, enriched with new knowledge and a deep appreciation for a different culture. Arriving just in time to experience…

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Western Association of Schools and Colleges - Keystone Turkey International School
Western Association of Schools and Colleges Inspection Week

Why School Inspections Are Crucial: A Look at WASC Core Beliefs As our WASC inspection week approaches (22-24 May 2024), it’s an ideal time to reflect on the importance of school inspections. This year, we welcome inspector Ms.Merritt, Mr. Sheppert who will be evaluating our school based on three core beliefs. These beliefs highlight why…

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Keystone School Aziz Nesin
Math Village

Keystone School Math Village Adventure From April 20-22, our KIS and KIT students embarked on a fascinating journey to the Nesin Mathematics Village (NMK), affectionately known as “the Village.” This unique center, nestled within three interlinked villages—Mathematics, Art, and Philosophy—offers a non-profit, safe, and beautiful setting where young people dive into mathematics, art, philosophy, and…

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Canadian Offshore School Inspection Week
PEI – Canadian Offshore School Inspection Week

Recent Visit by PEI Ministry of Education Inspectors From May 13th to 16th, 2024, our school was honored to welcome Anne Hall and Derek McEwen, esteemed inspectors from the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Ministry of Education in Canada. Their visit included a series of comprehensive meetings and evaluations to assess our school’s performance and…

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