Leader Team

Welcome to Keystone

The schools we attended, the education we received, the friendships we formed, and the mentors who guided us are crucial elements that shape our identity and values. At Keystone, we connect our students with universal values and aim to polish the innate qualities they bring. Thus, we take great pleasure in our students, who embrace a collective lifestyle, making a distinct impact on their characteristics. Keystone graduates, spanning from those who left last year to those who departed a decade ago, whether residing in Canada, Turkey, or around the globe, consistently express the enduring essence of their Keystone experience. They highlight strong bonds of friendship and a readiness for leadership that persists over time, shaping their identities through impactful experiences.

At Keystone, our essence is defined by breadth, excellence, innovation, and caring. We inspire students to excel in academics, sports, the arts, and service education, fostering a diverse and enriching experience.

Over the past decade, we have earned international acclaim for our innovative approach and nurturing environment. Our school culture is the heart of an outstanding student experience, where belonging, passion, and community care thrive.

If we seek a place that embodies excellence, innovation, and caring, please explore our website, tour our campus, and engage with our vibrant community to discover if Keystone is our ideal destination.
I look forward to welcoming you!

School Principal

Tuba Aksoy