Guidance & Councelling

Keystone International Schools’ Guidance Policy adheres to the standards of Prince Edward Island. Ministry of Education, and international standards.

This policy provides comprehensive guidance services to support our student’s academic, social, and emotional needs.

Our guidance team is focused on improving students’ overall development through dedicated assistance, improving their health, and empowering them to become confident, accountable community members.

Mission And Objectives

We aim to provide each child with a safe and caring environment that enables him or her to develop appropriate personal, educational, and career goals. Guidance counselors positively influence students’ readiness to learn, students’ school and personal behavior, and student’s commitment to school communities through the development of lifelong social-emotional skills.

We strive to create a school experience where every student is valued, recognized, and cared for, and in turn, each student will realize his or her worth in our school community.

School Counselor Qualifications

School counselors are critical in promoting our students’ overall well-being and development.

They supply counseling, guidance, and support to manage varied academic, personal, and social difficulties that students may face.

To ensure the highest quality of service, our school counselors must meet the following credentials:



Our students’ safety, well-being, and positive development are paramount at Keystone.

Our prevention policy outlines the measures and protocols to ensure a secure and nurturing environment in alignment with the guidelines set forth by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Alertness, awareness, attention, and early detection of signs of physical and emotional sickness, illness, abuse, and antisocial behavior are essential to ensure the student’s well-being. Prevention involves cooperation among teachers, parents, and counselors to create a holistic approach to student support. We ensure the students’ safe development by creating a positive school atmosphere.


Activities And Aspects Of Focus

Our KIS Counseling and Guidance Team aims to develop and support children academically, socially, and emotionally.

They provide a suitable and safe environment for children to get to know themselves, express themselves, solve problems, and discover their potential appropriate to their age and developmental level.

Focused Studies

Orientation process, respect for diversity, healthy relationships, efficient study and time

management, puberty education, projective scales, social skills studies, conflict resolution skills,

empathy, coping with peer pressure, anger management, and creativity.

For Students

Our main goal is to raise children to be socially and emotionally independent, problem-solving and highly aware individuals. Our children are supported with individual interviews, group work, and in-class preventive guidance activities.

For Parents

The most basic education starts with the family, and the child is the mirror of the family.

At KIS and KIT, we get our most valuable support from parents while developing children emotionally and socially.

Our school counselors inform families about the development of our children or the positive/negative situations they experience through routine family interviews and individual meetings. Within this process, our parents can get support in any matter regarding the development of their children.

For Teachers

Our school counselors work collaboratively with all our teachers and administrators.

Regular meetings evaluate each child’s academic and social development and determine the approaches needed.


Counsellor records are essential to the comprehensive support system at Keystone and Kilittaşı Schools. These records document our students’ counseling sessions, assessments, interventions, and progress, ensuring a thorough understanding of their needs and enabling informed decision-making. Our counselors keep students’ external evaluations, reports, and contact information.

The student information form given to the parents at the beginning of the year is kept by the school counseling team during the time the student is enrolled in our school, and essential information about the student is shared with the nurse and classroom teacher. Individual and group works belonging to the student are kept in the student’s file. If the student has a different guidance counselor when he/she changes grades, their file is handed over to another guidance counselor.

The process of handling and keeping student records are the guidelines, regulations, and procedures set forth by the Turkish Ministry of Education.


To ensure the accuracy, confidentiality, and proper management of counselor records, the following regulations and procedures are established: