Exchange Program

Experience Toronto and Excel Academically: Keystone School's Exchange Program

Welcome to Keystone School’s unique and enriching exchange program! Located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Annex University District, just steps away from the University of Toronto, our program offers an exceptional opportunity for students in grades 8 through 11 to immerse themselves in a different culture and educational system.

Embrace the Ontario Education Experience

Our exchange students receive a genuine Ontario educational experience. They get their student number and a transcript reflecting their achievements in the courses they take. This program is specially designed for students seeking to broaden their horizons while keeping up with their academic progress.

Flexible Academic Options

Participants can choose between a semester or a year-long program. Each semester, students can enroll in four courses, totaling eight courses for the full year. Our curriculum is tailored to ensure a smooth integration with the school system in Turkey. For students from Turkey, a year-long exchange is typically more beneficial, as it aligns better with their school system, which does not use a semester system where students complete the entire content of a course in one semester. However, Keystone School will collaborate closely with their home school to ensure a seamless educational transition for those interested in a semester-long exchange.

Project-Based Learning and Hands-On Experiences

At Keystone School, learning goes beyond textbooks. Our project-based classes foster creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. For example, our Grade 10 students in the Exploring Careers course work on developing a comprehensive portfolio, investigating various professions, and engaging with professionals through interviews and interactions, providing them with invaluable real-world insights.

Discover Toronto: A Cultural Hub

Beyond academics, our exchange program is your gateway to experiencing one of Canada’s most dynamic cities. Toronto is not just a place of learning; it’s a city teeming with culture, arts, and history. Students will have the opportunity to explore renowned cultural landmarks, museums, and the lively urban atmosphere of Toronto. This experience might even inspire them to consider Toronto for their future university studies.

Ideal Location for Learning and Exploration

Keystone School’s prime location in the Annex University District places students in an intellectually stimulating environment. Proximity to the University of Toronto campus and numerous cultural sites enriches the educational and cultural experience of our students.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Educational Journey

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Keystone School’s exchange program. You will gain academic knowledge and life-changing experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Apply now to start your adventure in Toronto, where education meets exploration!