At Keystone, we place great importance on social school events. These events are crucial in connecting students, staff, and families and help foster a sense of community within the school.

We organize several special events throughout the year, including Winter Fest, Summer Fest, Culture Diversity Day, and Graduation.

Winter Fest

Winter Fest is a joyful event that unites our community to commemorate the festive holiday season.

It’s our annual event held on the second Sunday of December and includes:

We support the use of environmentally conscious products and labor. Clean, locally sourced products are a priority for food presentations.

Apart from the PTO stand, the products to be presented must also be hand-made/homemade. If durable food is to be offered, it must be organic, the place of production must be specified, and it must be natural and additive-free. Proceeds from Winterfest are donated to a charity.

Summer Fest

During this festival, we celebrate the end of the school year and the arrival of summer.

During this day, we encourage the Keystone community to unite, enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, and participate in races and competitions. In-school clubs also take place on this special day and perform on the stage such as Drama, percussion, choir, and dance…

Culture Diversity Day

Our multicultural community comes together to showcase and introduce different world cultures and cuisines during this event.

This day allows students to explore and experience different tastes worldwide.


Greetings from your alma mater!

As we reflect on the incredible journey that brought us all together, we are filled with pride for the impact our alumni continue to make worldwide and for inspiring the next generation of leaders emerging from our halls

Their achievements are a testament to the foundation laid during their time at Keystone International School. Never forget that a Keystone graduate will always remain a part of our cherished family.

Wishing our alumni continued success in all their future endeavors!