Community Hours

Community Service at Keystone

At Keystone International School, we acknowledge the significance of community service in shaping the educational trajectory of a child.

**Fostering Social Responsibility**

Mandatory community involvement encourages students to actively contribute to their local communities and foster a sense of social responsibility. Our students aiming to obtain their Canadian high school diploma are required to complete 40 hours of community service during their high school years.

**Diverse Opportunities**

The range of activities eligible for these hours includes opportunities such as volunteering at our library or local charities, participating in environmental initiatives, or even developing a unique project that serves the local community.

**Cultivating Empathy**

Through the completion of their community service hours, students not only fulfill a graduation requirement but also cultivate an empathetic outlook that will serve them well beyond their academic journey.

At Keystone International School, we believe that instilling a spirit of service and giving back to the community is integral to the holistic development of our students. Join us as we inspire a generation of compassionate leaders ready to make a positive impact on the world.