Canadian Offshore School

Keystone International School: Offering Accredited Academic Programs Aligned with Canadian Standards

Keystone International School stands as a beacon of quality education, authorized to grant specific academic credentials for designated academic programs by the esteemed Canadian educational authorities. Located offshore, our institution upholds the highest standards of excellence, guided by the renowned Prince Edward Island (PEI) curriculum.

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At Keystone, our staff’s diverse backgrounds, global experiences, and enthusiasm contribute significantly to our school’s excellence. Their passion and dedication enrich our community and enhance our commitment to a student-centered education. This approach fosters strong, lasting connections between students and staff, creating a nurturing environment where everyone can thrive..

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Witness the essence of our school’s natural surroundings in these captivating photographs. From playground adventures to garden tranquility, each snapshot captures the vibrant life within our campus. At Keystone Schools, we believe in immersing children in nature to foster wonder, learning, and a lifelong love for the environment. Welcome to our world, where every moment is a journey of discovery.